The Innovation Programme is our flag-ship annual education event. The Programme runs as two month ‘table-top’ exercise intended to teach the skills required to design, develop and market a novel technological solution to a real healthcare problem. Participants are grouped into small, multidisciplinary teams and select a clinical need currently faced by NHS surgical patients. Each team then works to design their own solution. The programme runs as a series of four workshops, culminating in a final pitch presentation at which one winning team is chosen.

Download a copy of the Information Evening Presentation here!

Who is the Innovation Programme for?

Applications are open to all Cambridge University Students (both undergraduate and postgraduate)and East of England Foundation/Core Trainees

We are looking to recruit students from all fields (not just medics) –one of the core purposes of the Innovation Programme is to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration. We actively encourage applications from students in all departments,in both sciences and humanities.

No previous experience in healthcare technology or entrepreneurship is required– the Innovation Programme will teach you how to develop your ideas into viable technological solutions in an engaging, practical context. Core knowledge is covered in our workshops.

Why Apply for the Innovation Programme?

Design your own solution to a real healthcare problem – participants will brainstorm and develop technologies designed to meet the unmet needs of NHS patients, presented by registered practicing surgeons.

Build relationships and network with like-minded people from other subjects – each team will include participants with varying backgrounds (be they in Engineering, Medicine, Computer Science or Architecture). Participants will also get the chance to talk to our expert speakers from academia, industry and clinical practice.

Learn key principles in medical technology development – through our workshops you willlearn about concept development, product design, entry to market and translating new technology to improve healthcare for patients. See our curriculum for more.

Gain access to unique internship opportunities — all Innovation Programme participants are entered into our summer Internship Programme.