The Innovation Programme runs as a series of four workshops. Through each workshop, participants will learn the key principles involved in successfully developing medical technologies and translating them to improve healthcare for patients. The Programme culminates in a final pitch, in which participants present their ideas to a panel of expert judges.

Each workshop is split into two halves of one hour each. During the first hour, participants hear from a guest speaker(s) discussing a key concept in medical technology development. During the second hour, teams are given dedicated time to work on aspects of their project directly related to the preceding lecture. This work is guided by our facilitators, who work with each team to guide their thought processes and suggest next steps for the project.

Workshops run for two hours on evenings during Michaelmas Term. Final pitches are made after the Christmas Vacation at the start of Lent. Refreshments will be provided.

Workshop 1 – Unveiling Clinical Needs

During our first workshop, participants are first introduced to the unmet clinical needs they will be attempting to solve. Each need is presented by a registered surgeon. These are real clinical problems, solutions to which could improve the care of NHS surgical patients. Participants will have opportunities to discuss their thoughts and ideas with the surgeons during the first hour. During the second hour of the workshop, students form into small teams and select a need to work on. Participants will remain in these teams for the duration of the project.

Workshop 1: 24/8/18

Workshops 2 - 4 – Developing Projects

During workshops 2,3 and 4 participants will learn key principles in variety of area including concept development, product design, intellectual property protection, business planning and entry to market.

Workshop 2: 31/10/18

Workshop 3: 14/11/18

Workshop 4: 28/11/18

Final Pitch

Teams present their ideas to a panel of judges drawn from industry, academia and clinical practice. A winning team is selected based on the validity and originality of their technology, along with the quality of their business planning.

Final Pitch: 30/01/19