About the Internship Programme

In addition to running the innovation programme through the academic year, the MTF also organises a number of internships each summer. These internships allow students to gain real-world experience in academic and industrial environments, beyond the table-top introduction provided by the innovation programme. The expectation is that these internships will help students to appreciate the medtech sphere in more depth, whilst also coming to understand more about their roles and responsibilities as an innovator. Internships are exclusively available to those students who have completed our Innovation Programme. 

We expect to be able to provide a total of 6-8 internships this summer, available only to students who participated in the 2018/19 innovation programme. These placements are likely to exist across an array of academic departments and commercial entities in Cambridge and beyond. Opportunities are also likely to be available at the Surgical Technologies MIC in Leeds and the National MTF organises a number of internships abroad each year.

Previous internships have been completed by participants of the Leeds Medtech Foundation Innovation Programme at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston Texas, the University of Twente in the Netherlands and numerous medtech companies throughout the UK and Europe. Students who complete the Cambridge Innovation programme will therefore have access to a diverse range of local, national and international internships. Internships are allocated following decided by a competitive application process at the end of the Innovation Programme, with preference given to members of the winning team.  

Further information will be provided directly to Innovation Programme participants later in the year, and this website will also be updated regularly with more information.