MEDx Cambridge

Have you been hearing a buzz recently? Don’t worry, it’s not just you – nearly everyone’s got it in their head. That buzz is MedTech.

MedTech is a term used a lot these days but a lot of people don’t really know what it involves, who it involves and how to be involved. And that’s what MEDx aims to solve.

Join us for the first ever MEDx Cambridge, brought to you by the Cambridge MedTech Foundation*! This TED**-style event aims to present innovations and inspire collaborations in medicine and technology.

An area that once used to be reserved for just physicians is now roping in engineers, coders, chemists, biologists, physicists, economists and even management.We present to you a two-hour evening of three short yet fascinating talks from inspiring speakers topped with an opportunity to network and meet like-minded people.

Our first speaker, Dr. Chris Lovejoy, is a medicine graduate from Cauis who is currently the Clinical Data Science and Technology Lead at Cera Care, UK. Apart from also pursuing his masters in Machine Learning at UCL, he teaches machine learning to healthcare professionals and runs a website introducing machine learning targeted at medical students. 

Our second speaker is Ravi Solanki. Now in his final and 9th year at Cambridge, this MB/PhD candidate is looking to boost early stage medtech ideas. Ravi Solanki is one of the co-founders of Primera Impact, a seed venture fund for promising people and ideas. He is very involved with and passionate about the startup scene at Cambridge. 

Our final speaker is Dr. Athina Markaki, a reader at the Engineering Department, University of Cambridge. She leads the Materials Engineering and Material-Tissue interaction group. Her research is focused on vascularisation for fabrication of tissues with clinically relevant dimensions, and her talk on the day will focus around organ regeneration.

As you have read, there is a fantastic range of talks for you! Check out the event at Facebook:

Eventbrite:*Note, we bear no affiliation to TED whatsoever.**The MedTech Foundation is a national organisation that works under the NIHR and aims to inspire and prepare the next generation of medtech innovators.