Rushi Patel
Rushi is a sixth-year medical student at Robinson college. He is interested in bringing medicine and technology together to drive innovation with a particular interest in the neurosciences.


Iqbal Aniq
Iqbal is a final year medical student at Robinson College. He has a passion for technology that improves healthcare for all, and hopes to situate MTF to be the perfect platform to bind businesses, students, startups and innovators in all fields.


Tharushi Wijesena
Tharushi is a fifth-year medical/neuroscience student at Churchill with an interest in developing new technologies.

Innovation Programme Team

Innovation Programme Lead

Rachel Boixadera
Rachel is a final year medic at King’s with an interest in using medical technology to reduce health inequalities. She has a special interest in planetary health and sustainability.

Innovation Programme Officer

Gioia Riboni-Verri
Gioia is a first-year PhD student in Clinical Neuroscience at Caius, working to identify new therapeutic treatments for people living with multiple sclerosis. She participated in the Innovation Programme 2021-2022.

Innovation Programme Officer

Rebecca Koh
Rebecca is a medical student at the University of Cambridge. She has a background in law and has previously worked in a healthcare innovation unit in Singapore. She is interested in the MedTech space, particularly in the innovative process, and enjoys working in interdisciplinary teams. Together with her group from the Cambridge MedTech Innovation Programme, she is a candidate on the Pre-Accelerate programme run by the Judge Business School.

MEDx Team

MEDx Lead

Viral Gudiwala
Viral is a final year medical student and Innovation Programme alumnus. He has a keen interest in the interface between MedTech and clinical practice. He aims to deliver thought-provoking talks about MedTech advancements during his tenure as MedX Lead.

MEDx Officer

Sharon Ho
Sharon is a medic intercalating in 4th year Engineering at Caius. She has an interest in apply applying engineering principles to develop innovative new technologies for use in Medicine.

Externals Team

Externals Lead

Kishen Joshi
Kishen is a fourth year Natural Sciences student at Trinity Hall. He is interested in combining knowledge from different disciplines to develop new technologies capable of addressing emerging problems in medicine.

Externals Officer

Pradeep Ravichandran
Pradeep Ravichandran is a second year Masters student in Genomic Medicine at Homerton College with interests in Digital Health and Medical Journalism.

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