Dr. Angela Lam
Angela is an FY1 doctor working in Cambridgeshire with an interest in paediatrics, neonatology and innovation.

Externals lead

Charlie Lao
Charlie is a third year physics student. He is interested in medical technology startups and venture capital.


Sanjan Das
Sanjan is a 3rd year engineering student at Queens. He is fascinated by medical technology, in both digital and materials side.

Innovation programme lead

Daniel Kottmann
Daniel is a PhD student in Medicine at Darwin working on new therapeutics to treat lung cance

Innovation programme officer

Manuela Zimmermann
Manuela is a PhD student in Biophysical Chemistry who applies concepts from Data Science to understand protein phase transitions and their relation to disease.

Innovation programme officer

William Foster
William is an MB/PhD student at Trinity. He participated in the 2019-20 Innovation Programme whilst taking Part II Engineering.

Externals officer

Sze Mai Ng
Sze Mai is a first year medical student at Girton. Though new to the university, she is delighted to be able to work with Cambridge MTF to promote the importance of technology in medicine.

Externals officer

Dr. Bishow Karki
Dr. Karki is an FY2 doctor based at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust. He has an avid interest in Surgical innovation and research, Medical Technology and education.

MEDx officer

Jye Quan Teh
Jye is a 4th year medical student at Girton. He is interested in medical technology, neuroscience and neurosurgery.