Daniel Kottmann
Daniel is a second-year PhD student in Medicine at Darwin working on new therapeutics to treat lung cancer. He previously led the Innovation Programme to introduce students to medical device development.


Filip Wronowski
Filip is a fourth-year MB/PhD student at Trinity, having done Part II Engineering. In his PhD he is working on neural implants. Having participated in the Innovation Programme, he is now part of the committee.

Innovation Programme Team

Innovation Programme Lead

Manuela Zimmermann
Manuela is a PhD student in Biophysical Chemistry who applies concepts from Data Science to understand protein phase transitions and their relation to disease.

Innovation Programme Lead

Will Foster
William is an MB/PhD student at Trinity. He participated in the 2019-20 Innovation Programme whilst taking Part II Engineering.

Innovation Programme Officer

Rachel Boixadera
Rachel is a fourth-year medic at King’s with an interest in using medical technology to reduce health inequalities.

Innovation Programme Officer

Tharushi Wijesena
Tharushi is a third-year medical/neuroscience student at Churchill with an interest in developing new technologies.

MEDx Team

MEDx Lead

Rohan Sanghera
Rohan is a fourth-year medical student at Gonville & Caius. His interest in medical engineering, having completed an BA in Engineering during his course.

MEDx Officer

Sze Mai Ng
Sze Mai is a first-year medical student at Girton. Though new to the university, she is delighted to be able to work with Cambridge MTF to promote the importance of technology in medicine.

Externals Team

Externals Lead

Michał Duchniewicz
Michał is a second-year medical student at Pembroke. He is passionate about medical education and has a strong interest in medical engineering.

Externals Officer

Emily Shen
Emily is a second-year medical student at Peterhouse. She is interested in healthtech and enjoys designing graphics and writing essays.

Externals Officer

Yan Shi
Yan is a third-year medical student at Downing. She enjoys graphic design and creating creative work.

Previous Committee Members